We are a local family that formed a delivery service that will GO GET things that you cannot or are unable to get. This is a business that has been in the process of forming for several months, but in light of the state of our world right now, we felt it imperative to speed up the start of this business to help out others. With the current issues of COVID19, many people are unable to leave their homes to get needed items, so let Go Getters retrieve those items for you. Our delivery drivers will be wearing gloves and masks during deliveries at this time for the safety of those requesting services and for the drivers. We will deliver to Atlantic, Iowa and surrounding communities up to 30 minutes from Atlantic, Iowa. We will also make at least one trip a week to the Council Bluffs/Omaha area to retrieve needed items form that area.

As members of the Atlantic community, during the COVID-19 crisis, Go Getters will waive all fees for deliveries for customers who are over 60 or in the COVID-19 risk group and unable to get out of their homes. Just give us a call and we will be glad to Go Get your needed items.